More than a technique

Imajinasi memang medium bagi Allah untuk mencipta setiap saat, dan Roh Jahat memakai medium yang sama juga… Itu mengapa dibutuhkan suatu pembedaan roh.

Through the Lens of Freedom

I hadn’t really had any idea about the relationship between spaghetti carbonara and faith before my friend mentioned his distinction between technique and art regarding my way of cooking.

I very rarely cook because I’m not a cook. Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I made some servings of classic spaghetti carbonara. I did it twice. First, it was a trial (and real error) intended to serve only two persons. I didn’t make a good mixture of eggs and pecorino romano so that the sauce wasn’t looking good. Then, I just followed the instructions of an Italian chef, thanks to Youtube, expecting that I would serve four persons. The result was very good and it was enough for ten persons!

My friend, having known that it was my first time to cook Italian food, asked me if I tasted the spaghetti while cooking and I said ‘not at…

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