Artificial Faith

Tindakan iman muncul dari dinamika hubungan antara manusia dan Allahnya. Jika tindakan itu berasal dari pola command-execution semata, itu pasti “tindakan makhluk” sekaliber robot.

Through the Lens of Freedom

The urge to imitate something might be dated long before Plato with his mimesis and the strongest urge to make imitation would be located in China. “Made in China” label is perhaps the most numerous label in the world nowadays but it doesn’t mean that other countries lost their appetite to make an imitation of nature.

The picture above was taken on August 5, some years ago. In fact, each year on August 5, during the celebration of the feast of the Dedication of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a custom that commemorates the story of the miraculous snowfall is still alive. At the end of the Solemn Mass inside the Basilica, a shower of white rose petals is dropped from the dome and at sunset on the same day, an artificial snowfall is performed as an attraction in the square outside. This performance of imitating nature might not…

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