Why must you feel unimportant or unwanted?

Memang tuts “V” dipakai tidak sesering tuts “A”, tetapi toh tuts “A” tak bisa menggantikan tuts “V”. Penting tidaknya unsur semesta ini tak ditentukan oleh popularitas unsur itu, melainkan oleh peran uniknya yang tak tergantikan oleh unsur lain.

Through the Lens of Freedom

Once I had a very ergonomic keyboard that I bought in Italy and I brought it home but it didn’t last for long after a friend of mine used it. I saw him typing on it as if he were using an old-fashioned typewriter with an outdated way of typing: he used it not only with his two forefingers, but also with such a power that some keys could not function well anymore. Finally, I disposed it halfheartedly.

There were actually only two broken keys. Nevertheless, their dis-functionality practically made all other keys useless. Considering that human brain could reconstruct incomplete words based on certain contexts and word processors could also give word suggestions, indeed, two broken keys might not be a big problem. But that’s not the point. Missing letters were really annoying.

Letter “V” might be less important than letter “A” to the extent that the latter would…

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