Three in One

Through the Lens of Freedom

Many people want to conquer the world by their knowledge. That’s why some people formulate their common belief that knowledge is power, scientia potestas est. Some other people correctly give the right content to it, but some other misunderstand and they thought as if human knowledge were everything.

I was taught about Indonesian official religions when I was in elementary school and it was very easy to understand that all religions proclaim their belief in one God. But later, I had a problem with Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism it was mentioned Trimurti as three gods. I hadn’t heard about Greek mithology at that time and, in my opinion, three gods were already too much. Buddhism was even worse to me because it didn’t provide any clue about what God looked like. I myself was not so comfortable with my religion’s expression: one God, three persons (why so limited).

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  1. 1.scientia potestas est <—mengindikasikan betapa pentingnya skills memahami dan menerapkan prinsip sarana bukan tujuan
    2….one God, three persons (why so limited).<—bukankah ini salah satu ekspresi manusia yang masih gampang terpeleset pd jargon scientia potestas est.."Thomas kamu percaya karena kamu sudah melihat…di sisi lain sebenarnya kita pun diberikan kebebasan oleh Allah untuk memanfaatkan otak kita lebih dari 10%…mosok kalah dengan lumba-lumba…tapi apakah ini tujuan wong urip?